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Finca Esperanza Verde is located in the Central Highlands of Nicaragua, near the city of Matagalpa at approximately 4000 ft (1200 m) above sea level.  We are a small producer of organically farmed shade-grown specialty coffee. Our beans are handpicked, washed and processed in our wet mIll, dried in the sun on raised tables, and finally transported to a dry mill in Matagalpa to complete the process and prepare for export.


The farm is situated in the middle of the small rural community of La Chispa. We provide locals with employment opportunities, support La Chispa elementary school on the property with the help of volunteers and donations, and develop social programs and initiatives through our nonprofit organization - Green Hope Foundation.  



You can help support our farm and community by purchasing our direct trade coffee, freshly roasted by Ungrounded Coffee Roasters in Jamaica, Vermont USA. Just click on the button below and order your beans to be shipped directly to you within 48 hours of roasting. 


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we have a limited supply, so be sure to order today and help us support 

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